IAM/CIRMMT Series #6 - Roundtable + Demo Night - December 6th 2018 Edition

Theme : Round-table + Demo Night + New Sponsor !!

Le Where and when 

  • Le Time : Thursday December 6th 2018 - Doors 18:00PM
  • Le Address : CIRMMT/McGill
    • 527 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
    • 8th floor, room A-832/833 Montréal, QC H3A 1E3
  • Le Who : All are welcome ! 
  • Le Why : Why not !

Hey all ! We are a bit late this year with the November event as we we're not able to sync with MIGS this year sadly, but we most definitely wanted to make sure we brought the community back together before Xmas break ! So our next event will be a Round-table and a community demo section followed by our usual Beer/Drinks outing to Benelux.

Register here ! (if you want to win :)) : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-iamcirmmt-series-on-the-new-frontiers-of-interactive-audio-6-roundtable-demo-night-tickets-52882087748

Interactive Audio Round-table

Theme : The use of Silence in Interactive Audio Design

Silence has always been a powerful tool in linear media for sound design and music, but what of Games and Interactive Media ? What interesting avenues does silence bring us to when thinking of interactive audio, and what past works can we inspire ourselves from ? This round-table will be aimed at looking at how Silence is and could be used in the context of interactive media.

This is, of course open to all to contribute and participate !

Beatrix & I will be getting the ball rolling to start a discussion on the subject and will moderate questions and comments from all who want to participate, the goal is to get a discussion going and hopefully learn something and share our experiences on the subject. 

Game Audio Demo Night !

So we don't have any speakers or workshops for this event, but we will reserve a tiny part of the evening to showcase some works from our community. The format is a small rapid 10-15min (max) presentation of a recent project. If everyone like's this format perhaps we could do it more often, this will be a super cool way to find out !

  • Yoann Morvan will be presenting his work on the recent release from Bandai/Namco : 11-11 Memories Retold
  • Mark Latimer will be presenting his work on the recent 4L Games release of FRACTER
  • Joël-Aime Beauchamp will be presenting his own audio only game !
  • Beatrix Moersch will be presenting her work on Casa Rara Studio's and ONF/NFB's Museum of Symmetry
Demo's will be in the main room. 

New Interactive Audio Montréal Sponsor : iZotope

Yes, you read this right, the audio software company and plugin maker iZotope will be an official sponsor for 2019 and we will be giving away a free plugin (up to 400$ value) at each one of our upcoming events ! So make sure to register to the Eventbrite because we will be using that list to choose a winner !

One year anniversary of Interactive Audio Montreal

I just wanted to take some time to thank of you who have spoken at IAM and all of those who have attended. The event keeps growing and defied all of my expectations, so thank you all very much for helping me make this a reality !

I also want to take the time to thank CIRMMT our sponsor without whom this would of never been able to make this event what it is. We are truly blessed to be supported by such a generous organisation. 

Thanks !!

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