Sponsored Event : Dolby Atmos in gaming presentation at CIRMMT - June 20th

Dolby Atmos in gaming

A workshop presented in collaboration with Dolby. Doors open at 5:45pm.

Sharing this cool event from Dolby hosted by our good friends at CIRMMT

One week after our June event, we have yet another amazing event coming to town ! So this is me sharing the game audio news to our community. 

While this is not organised by IAM, we always aim to bring the local game audio event, to YOU... The People ! :)

So come on down and witness the amazing work from Rob Bridgett and his team on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and learn from one of the greats while you're there !

More info here: 

Register here : 

Oh, one more thing... our other good friends at Audiokinetic will be providing free drinks after the presentation ;)

Cheers to this great Montreal Game Audio month !


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