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Game Audio Shack - Event - Drummondville - July 13th 2019

Event : Game Audio Shack 2019  Le Where and when Le Time : Saturday July 13th 2019 - Starts at Noon !Le Address : CÉGÉP de Drummondville 960 Rue Saint-Georges, Drummondville, QC J2C 6A2Room # TBD : Check the FB event page for more info !Le Who : All are welcome ! Le Why : Why not ! Well the cat's finally out of the bag ! This project has been a long time coming. This is inspired by the East coast meetup event of Game Audio Bash in Bellingham, where Vancouver and Seattle audio people meet up in the middle (Bellingham) and have talks and fun and meet new game audio people !!
So me and Dani Kogan (Game Audio de Québec) decided to make our own province of Quebec version. 
So concept is simple, we meet up around noon at the CÉGEP of Drummondville, exchange and mingle an bit, then talks, then mingle SOME MORE then we go and have some drink and much merrymaking at the local microbrewery. 
FB event is where it's at, please update your RSVP status to let us plan the room size All info …

IAM/CIRMMT Series #9 - Haptics in Interaction and Game Design - June 13th 2019 - EVENT RECAP

IAM/CIRMMT Series  Event Recap
Hello all !
I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for coming to the last event of the season ! See you all in September ! MORE TALKS, MORE KNOWLEDGE ! YEAH!!!!
Big thanks as well to Christian Frisson and Steve Ding (thanks Steve for stepping in for Collin that could not make it). 
At the same time here are a few links from Christian and the demo team !
Christian's slides from his presentation : Tom's (from the demo desk) website :
Lastly thanks to our Raffle Sponsors ! Krotos Audio, SoundMorph and iZotope !

IAM/CIRMMT Series #9 - Haptics in Interaction and Game Design - June 13th 2019

Theme : Haptics in Interaction and Game Design Le Where and when 
Le Time : Thursday June 13th 2019 - Doors 17:45 - Starts at 18:00Le Address : CIRMMT/McGill527 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest8th floor, room A-832/833 Montréal, QC H3A 1E3Le Who : All are welcome ! Le Why : Why not !
Please register to attend, it helps us greatly ! (Mandatory if you want to be entered in the iZotopeKrotos and Soundmorph libraries and plugin Raffle) :

CIRMMT event page here :


Hello all ! Salut tout le monde !! It's the end of the season, so let's end it with a BANG !
On the menu for the night

Talks from two leading experts in the field of Haptics : Dr. Christian Frisson and Colin …