IAM@CIRMMT #13 : Welcome back ! Community Lightning Talks - Thursday November 25th 2021


IAM@CIRMMT #13 : Welcome back ! Community Lightning Talks

Le Where and when

  • Le Time : Thursday November 25th 2020 - Doors 17:45 - Starts at 18:00
  • Le Address : CIRMMT/McGill
    • 527 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
    • 8th floor, room A-832/833 Montréal, QC H3A 1E3
  • Le Who : All are welcome ! 
  • Le Why : Why not !

Space is limited to 25 participants; register now to ensure your seat on Eventbrite

*Please note that as per Québec and McGill guidelines, entry is dependent on the presentation of a valid vaccination passport and government issued photo ID. 


Hello all ! 

First IAM@CIRMMT since the world skipped a beat ! We are bringing back the Lightning talks format for our first event back from break, as usual we have AMAZING speakers for you ! Concept is simple, everyone has 15 minutes ! That's it ! This format was a crowd favorite last time and now it's back !!


/ No work? No worries! Manage your downtime efficiently
    by // Neha Patel  // Freelance Composer & Sound Designer 

/ Death Metal Singers and Monsters
    by // Maude Théberge // Voice actress - La Fabrique de Monstres 

/ How I Gently Brute Force Creativity Out of Myself 
    by // Joel-Aimé Beauchamp // Profession: Musical, audio, technical, stubborn, and curious fella

/ Cerebral Wastelands : An Experiment in Gamification of Performance Art
    by // Axel Hélie Fontaine // Producer, sound designer, software developer, and visual artist

/ The contrast between working on a small game vs a AAA game
    by // Brigitte Dajczer // Composer: Linear & Non-Linear media

 You can find all their bios here

*all presentations will be in English. All presenters speak French so you will be able to ask questions in French, but all the material itself will be in English.

// Attendance Prize Draw !

Thanks to our raffle sponsors, of the last season KrotosSoundmorph and iZotope and Tsugi ! We are working hard to bring back the prize draw again, so stay tuned to know what prizes await attendees ! So please make sure to register the moment the Evenbrite is live !

// END OF NIGHT + DRINKS at Benelux 

Usually, we top it all off with drinks and a casual meetup at BENELUX @ 245 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H2X 1X8, Canada. and the plan is to do the same. If you are not comfortable with this please be aware that we 100% understand and will be happy to see you at the drink part at another event. 

So if you can't make it to the talks, meet us there ;)


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