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Event Recap - IAM/CIRMMT Series #1 - Guy Whitmore and Bjørn Jacobson

The Opening Night  @CIRMMT on December 12th 2017  Topic: The new frontiers of interactive audio: Procedural and AI driven music and VR/AR/MR //EN It was a bit of work to make it happen but it finally hapened and thanks for CIRMMT we had a new partner and a great venue to have first (and subsequent) events at.  I thought of taking advantage of MIGS to get some guests to talk to the local community about their work and share with us some knowledge ! Big thanks to Bjørn Jacobson (CD Projekt RED, IO-Interactive, Cujosound) and Guy Whitmore (EA, Monolith, Foxface Rubberfish) Here's a brief recap of their presentations : Bjørn Jacobsen: Psychoacoustics in the game design process Through this talk we will explore how the audio design process of game can be influenced when taking into account psychoacoustics. How does the player perceive the game's soundscape and music and what can we gain from that knowledge ? How can you also apply those concepts to game