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Event Recap - IAM/CIRMMT Series #2 - Beatrix Moersch + Tobias Paice

A great second night ! @CIRMMT on February 20th 2018  Topic: The new frontiers of interactive audio: Interactive Audio Workflows //EN So winter kept on rolling over Montreal but that did not stop the 35-40 attendees from getting their knowledge fix of the month and coming by to see Beatrix Moersh ( Framing Noise , NFB, Artifact 5, Casa Rara Studios) and Tobias Paice ( Typhoon Studios , Droidcry, EA, Warner Bros. Games) bringing down the house ! Here's a brief recap of the presentations :  Beatrix Moersch : Creative Design through Integration.                     A presentation of various Game Audio Workflows                   and why audio middleware and game engine implementation stages of                   game sound are now integral steps in Beatrix's sound design process. Tobias Paice : Non linear workflow techniques for interactive sound design.                  A presentation of ideas and techniques for designing sound in a