Event Recap - IAM/CIRMMT Series #2 - Beatrix Moersch + Tobias Paice

A great second night !

@CIRMMT on February 20th 2018 

Topic: The new frontiers of interactive audio: Interactive Audio Workflows


So winter kept on rolling over Montreal but that did not stop the 35-40 attendees from getting their knowledge fix of the month and coming by to see Beatrix Moersh (Framing Noise, NFB, Artifact 5, Casa Rara Studios) and Tobias Paice (Typhoon Studios, Droidcry, EA, Warner Bros. Games) bringing down the house !

Here's a brief recap of the presentations : 

Beatrix Moersch : Creative Design through Integration.   

                 A presentation of various Game Audio Workflows 
                 and why audio middleware and game engine implementation stages of 
                 game sound are now integral steps in Beatrix's sound design process.

Tobias Paice : Non linear workflow techniques for interactive sound design.

                 A presentation of ideas and techniques for designing sound in a 
                 non linear way outside of the game engine.

And a few pics of the night : 

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