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Interactive Audio Montreal's New Home ! Website is finally up ! It’s been a long time coming, but now is the time to step things up ! I decided to move to this format since it's much simpler on our end, and lets us concentrate on making more events and smoothing out communication.  So right now URL will remain this one, it might change to an official domain name in the future, but for now, this works just fine ;) We will also start adding the videos of the conferences on Youtube or Vimeo, same goes for pictures and everything.  Thanks again for all the support and with it, making our meetups more and more awesome-er ! Cheers,  -M

Event Recap - IAM/CIRMMT Series #3 - Jean-Pascal Beaudoin & Viktor Phoenix + Matthew Boerum

Third time's the charm ! @CIRMMT on April 24th 2018  Topic : The New Frontiers of Interactive Audio in Virtual, Augmented & Mixed realities. //EN So here we are, third IAM event already and the place is packed, our biggest turnout yet ! Sunshine and good weather we're not the biggest reason I think... It was definitely our amazing guests : Matthew Boerum (Audible Reality), Jean-Pascal Beaudoin (Headspace Studio, Felix & Paul) and tuning in from the west coast, Viktor Phoenix (Headspace Studio). Here is a brief recap of the night :  Matthew Boerum (Co-Founder/CEO - Audible Reality)   "Immersive Streaming Audio".    3D audio's popularity has grown rapidly in recent months with major tech companies  launching products and services with immersive audio features.  This talk will explore current developments in 3D audio products for streaming media and discuss their limitations, mainly around 3D audio capture. A new solution is propos