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Audio Beer @SAT Food Lab - Tomorrow August 7th 2018

Le Where and when  Le Reservation Time : 17:00 Le Address : Labo Culinaire / Food Lab (Terrasse de la S.A.T) 1201 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 1K4 Third Floor Le Who : All are welcome ! Le Why : Why not ? EN// Simon from Audiokinetic is inviting everyone in the community to come and have beer and hang out this Tuesday, to hang out on their lovely terrasse and soak up some sun while summer is still here ! FR// Simon d'Audiokinetic invite tous les membres de la communauté à venir prendre une bière ce mardi (demain). C'est le moment idéal pour nous réunir tous une fois de plus et prendre un peu de soleil le temps que l'été est encore là ! Se y'all there !

Event Recap - IAM/CIRMMT Series #4 - Richard E. Flanagan + Eric Robinson

Procedural Audio Galore ! @CIRMMT on June 27th 2018  Topic : The New Frontiers of Interactive Audio in Digital Storytelling. Still can't believe we are at our fourth event already ! Reception has been amazing so far and that night was quite special since we even got to spark a nice exchange of thoughts and questions with the audience during Eric's talk, which was super enlightening. I saw Eric speak before and it was always insightful and this time was no different. We we're also really lucky to have had the chance to have Richard come and talk to us about his game FRACT OSC . It was quite a treat to have a game designer, creative director taking the helm at one of our events. Granted Richard is quite audio saavy, but it's not often we get the chance to have that profile "in the house", twice on the same night, because, yes, you guessed it... Eric makes games too !!! Here is a brief recap of the titles :  Richard E. Flanagan (Creative Directo